Expressions of interest

Atomic Oncology invites Expressions of Interest from potential partners for deployment of its transformative technology.

Our commercialization plan is to establish joint ventures, licencing agreements or partnerships and to work with other companies to incorporate Galileo55  and its natural extensions  into oncological, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and automated image scanning areas to create new products in the continuously expanding cancer market.

The commercial edge that Galileo55 brings to the table is that it is a first-in-class, multilevel view of the most dangerous attributes of a tumor and its most vulnerable points to attack. The seamless integration of this information and its future automation, will allow for ease of interpretation by medical professionals.

Academic, clinical and philanthropic expressions of interest

Atomic Oncology also seeks to collaborate with those clinicians, medical researchers, philanthropists and not-for-profit charitable entities, whose primary focus is the improvement of patient well-being and who can visualize the over-the-horizon atomic future and appreciate the economic and social benefits that will accrue from deployment of Galileo55 in the health care sector. Contact Us.

Commercial Implementation

The diagnostic and clinical infrastructure to implement the Galileo55 system already exists worldwide. Processing of tissue sections conforms to standardized protocols that are near identical in every country. Sophisticated Laser Ablation – Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometers are available from a number of instrument manufacturers. High-end patient imaging equipment and radiation infrastructure (such as IMRT, brachytherapy, GammaKnife and Proton Beam) are in routine use in high-income countries and are increasing in frequency in middle-income countries.

The software and hardware already exist for commercial implementation of Galileo55 into the clinical setting.