Personalizing Cancer Radiation Treatments

Atomic Oncology has developed Galileo55, an atomic test, applicable to any tumor, allowing radiation treatment to be uniquely customized to each cancer patient.
No equivalent test exists.

The worldwide economic burden of cancer currently exceeds $2 trillion US dollars. The most effective curative and palliative management comes from radiation treatment, which delivers effective care to 50-70% of patients in high income countries. Radiation is far more cost-effective than most cancer “cures” which involve drugs, antibodies and immunotherapies that can exceed $100,000 per patient. Furthermore, the number of new cancer patients coming on stream each year is projected to reach 25 million by 2030, creating a large market for any test that can stratify them into those whose tumors are likely to respond well to radiation treatment, and to spare those for whom radiation treatment is unlikely to be beneficial.   

Atomic Oncology has developed such a stratification test using its Galileo55 system consisting of instrumentation, imaging and data analysis package. Galileo55 generates an Atomic Readout from tumor biopsies that are routinely used in all hospital and private pathology companies worldwide. This Atomic Readout, in conjunction with other modalities, can help radiation oncologists to make more informed treatment decisions on patients with diverse tumor types.

To expedite the commercialization of the Galileo55 system, we have;

  • protected our Intellectual Property with a granted patent, (WO 2017/004684 A1) and are pursuing ongoing patent applications in different worldwide jurisdictions.
  • utilized the existing instrumentation of an External Academic Research Hub.
  • quantitated the atomic test using 8 different cancer types.

This integration has generated a unique connection between an Atomic Readout and a spectrum of clinical options applicable to any cancer.

This connection has no current equivalent in radiation oncology:
nothing even remotely comes close.

The potential financial outcomes for the successful commercialization of Galileo55 are substantial.